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Supported Independent Services

We provide supported independent living solutions for our participants, designed to empower them to live their lives to the fullest.

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Community Access & Participation

Our community access and outreach program provides our participants with the opportunity to learn new things, try different experiences and meet new people.

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Out of Home Care - Residential Services

We provide the highest quality and qualified staff, who are able to maintain a broad range of care needs that are tailored to each of our individual participants.

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Short & Medium Term Accommodation

The services that we offer are designed to give caregivers peace of mind whilst their loved ones are receiving the best possible care.

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Individualised Living Options

We can provide formal or supplementary support and can help with such things as back-up support for your primary support, respite care, 'drop in' support and much more.

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Supported Accommodation

At Bea Care we know that home is a place where you feel you belong, it is far more than the place one lives. Home is the base where everything begins, it is a place to relax physically, emotionally and mentally, it is a place where you are unconditionally accepted. Our supported accommodation options include: Supported Independent Living Shared living in units or houses This option provides services and supports for individuals who require staff support on a 24-hour basis, at scheduled times or on a drop-in basis. Individual programs are developed that ensure services are tailored to each person’s specific circumstances. Individual Living Options Supported living in your home We work with people to determine the most appropriate days and times when assistance is required. A package of services and supports can also be developed to ensure that people’s needs and goals are met. Short Term Accommodation/ Medium Term Accommodation Respite Service We can tailor a short break away for people or come to their home to offer some respite during times of need. Your home provides safety, security and stability. Once you have these things you can begin to start dreaming and to make plans for your future; a future where hopes and dreams take shape and slowly become reality.

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